Workstations available for rent

Workstations available with Sogo are power-packed with high-end computing technologies like Dual processors and high cores with multitasking and graphic abilities. A 100% customizable solution as per the client needs, with no constraints of upgrading the GPU up to 16GB and RAM up to 256GB, available exclusively with Sogo. Renting Workstations from Sogo allows the client to rely on a product that is tried and tested under various environments. Every Workstation undergoes load-testing, which ensures the highest productivity for the clients renting them. The major OEMs we deal with are HP, Dell and Lenovo.

Who should rent Workstations:

Workstation is meant for high computing activity like Graphic designing, rendering, gaming, animation, 3D designing, Auto CAD, Virtual Reality designing, and many more. A lot of these application users look for superior performance when it comes to 1. Faster rendering for Complex graphics 2. Processing power for Compute-Intensive Applications 3. Memory for large tasks 4. Large Hard Drives for massive jobs 5. Reliability and less downtime.

The multi-core, multi-processor workstations qualifies for the right choice for high computing and multi-tasking activities. The Workstations for rent offered by Sogo comes with a guarantee of unmatched production ensuring every aspect of clients' requirements is met.

How are we different from others

We are probably the only Supplier who allows the client to take a Proof Of Concept of the Workstations that we possess. The clients are allowed to walk into our store and pick & chose any workstation to take a Proof Of Concept. We have a proven record of any client not walking out of our store without placing an order for the workstation.

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