Servers available for rent

The server plays an integral part in managing the Data for the corporates. The choice of Server is a crucial differentiator for the client to store, access and secure the data. Sogos’ Servers are highly consumed by most corporates who demand a custom product that suits fit as per their requirement. Sogo offers its clients, a vide variety of processor-based servers as below.

  1. Intel Xeon Scalable processor-based servers (Platinum, Gold, Silver & Bronze)
  2. Intel Xeon D processor-based servers
  3. Intel Xeon W processor-based servers
  4. Intel Xeon E processor-based servers

Our custom-made server can be upgraded up to 3TB RAM and storage as per the demand. The prominent brands available with us are HP, Dell, IBM, Sun and many more.

Value-Added Services from Sogo

We at Sogo offer its clients Value-added Services that come with no extra cost. Our VAS includes Rack mounting and Power On Self Test (POST), RAID configuration, Quarterly health check of the servers (Remote & Site), working conveniently for the services at designated downtime, recommendations to upgrade the hardware and replacements.

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