Apple computers available for rent

MacBook Pro for rent

Apple has gained enormous gain in consumption growth, thanks to their superior technology innovations and advancements. Apple Laptops have captured major consumers who are into animation, CG work, music & video post-production, and application developments. Apple laptops have benchmarked performance parameters with their ever-evolving technology upgrades and security of data to the consumers.

Sogo stacks an array of Apple Laptops that can cater to tens and hundreds of clients. With possessing an inventory of MacBook Pro ranging from Corei5 to Corei9, retina displays from 13.3” to 16” and latest & advanced features loaded in the Laptops, Sogo becomes unique from others in the market. We carry ample inventory of MacBook Air for rent with the latest launches.

iMac for rent:

Our inventory of iMacs add to our vast compendium of offerings in the Apple category. Our stock varies from 21.5” to 27” retina/4K/5K iMac’s with onboard iris GPU for all the graphic applications the client demands.

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