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Laptops have redefined personal computing to a new level over the decades. The late ’80s saw a spike in R&D in the manufacturing of Laptops by various OEM’s across the globe. The R&D has never stopped since then and in today’s era of smart computing, Laptops play a major role in portability, compatibility, production, and cost-effectiveness.

We at Sogo, have witnessed the era of change in innovation and consumption of Laptops. From renting out the very basic Dual Core laptops to the high-end 11th Generation, Sogo has ensured the clients are served with whatever is demanded.

Sogo stands out from the herd, by the virtue of providing a solution for every problem. The clients' necessities are very well understood and ensure that the right product is deployed.

What Laptops to rent for what purposes?

From nearly 3 decades of our industry experience, we have narrowed down the accurate requirements of the clients based on their usage. For any organization whose, major work happens only on web browsers, office tools, and some low-end applications, then we would usually recommend a Corei3/Corei5 processor-based 4th to 6th Generation Laptops. For a Software tester, the consumption may vary between Corei5/i7 with 6th or 7th Generation: the same products can be used by a UI/UX developer as well. The graphic designers have a niche demand to supply Corei7 with G1-G7 Graphics processors, HK or HQ with the latest 8th, 9th & 10th Generation processors. The Game developers/ high-end graphic designers/ users who use laptops for rendering ask for mobile workstations with Corei7/i9 based laptops with built-in GTX/RTX GPU’s.

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