G Jayamuni Rao, Chairman & Managing Director

The Indian electronic market is multiplying, and at present, one of the largest on the globe. The market scenario is volatile, with the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic. Recent times have witnessed IT rental businesses penetrate rapidly in the market. Prospects are high for the upcoming five years in the IT rental industry. Laying down a strong footprint in the IT rental business since 2000, capable of tackling any issues related to IT rental as well as to provide an end-to-end solution by constructing a sound roadmap is Sogo Computers.

Sogo Computers was founded in 1993 as a dynamic market player supplying IT products and peripherals. Over the years, Sogo has emerged as an exclusive distributor and solution provider for well-known global brands across different verticals. The company distributes a large variety of technology and mobility products for leading companies, such as Apple, Acer, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Asus, Lenovo, Microsoft, Intel, Cisco, Canon, Samsung, Toshiba, and Sony, among many others.

The company has a well-known name in the field of sales and service of top branded IT products. After becoming a pioneer in technology re-distribution services, Sogo gradually entered into the domain of IT Rental Services at the beginning of the 2000s and went on to become a leading solution provider for high-end electronics.

The Chairman & Managing Director, G Jayamuni Rao, is highly self-motivated with innovative ideas and believes that impeccable hard work and best-in-class customer service is the crux behind the success of Sogo Computers.

Since its inception in 1993, Sogo Computers has helped multiple companies with complete solutions, from hardware to software, and helped them grow and achieve great heights. For instance, Sogo supplied M/s. Qwikcilver with their first four laptops over a decade ago, and today Qwikcilver has grown into a Rs.1000cr + company. To date, Sogo has been providing end-to-end solutions to Qwikcilver and many such companies right from software and hardware to IT solutions to IT asset disposition.

Driven by the need to provide modern and complete solutions to its customers, Sogo has nurtured a strong marketing and service team along with a strong network in the market to stratify the preferences of the customers. Sogo focuses on customer retention by providing genuine IT material at a reasonable cost along with the provision of supportive services post-sales.

Dependable Rental/Lease Solutions
Sogo understands the specific IT requirements and challenges of corporates, SMB’s, start-ups and provides the appropriate solution to them with the latest configuration and technology along with customized services to aid in achieving desired productivity, profitability, and success in the present changing market scenario on a rent/lease basis.

Sogo offers assured quality and quantity of it products on a long term or short-term rental/lease basis as per the clients’ requirement to conclude the projects on time

Sogo offers assured quality and quantity of IT products on a longterm or short-term rental/lease basis as per the clients’ requirement to conclude the projects on time. Clients can rely on doorstep delivery and commissioning support on-site by a qualified team of service engineers. The dedicated engineers provide IT solutions and infrastructure management options to clients for cost-effective and successful project completion.

The Technology Roadmap: It Asset Management
The spread of Covid-19 has taught all business enterprises a lesson to bring changes to adjust to the circumstances. Sogo Computers have taken initiatives to bring in innovative changes and realign the business strategy to play a pivotal role in the market. The Company has a definite road map for staying ahead in this competitive era by predicting IT infrastructure expenses. IT expenses are always notoriously difficult to predict. Hence, Sogo focuses on providing support to IT infrastructure on a lease/ rent basis. The large corporates have recognized the importance of sourcing IT material on a Lease or Monthly Rent basis. Sogo taps into the rental and leasing requirements of large corporates and realigns the rental team with service support to fulfill the requirement.

Sogo started as a computer peripheral distributor. In the year 2000, the company ventured into IT infra rentals. By 2005 Sogo Computers started to provide high-end imports and IT infra solutions. In 2015, Sogo ventured into electronic waste recycling and constructed a state-of-the-art recycling facility in the year 2018 with advanced technology sourced from Korea having a recycling capacity of 3000 metric tons per year. Sogo aims to be the top IT Asset Management company in years to come leaving behind a green footprint and making the environment a better place by contributing to the circular economy.

G Jayamuni Rao was judicious in gauging that advanced technologies are a major contributor to discarding older electronic equipment as waste. Recycling is one critical aspect that is being overlooked. Until now, very few companies have realized the potential of this emerging business. He considers that the investment in this new sector would lead to a win-win situation for e-waste generator, recycler, and the government alike. Sogo aspires to consistently evolve in the IT process and technology field by connecting ideas with consistent excellence, creating impact as well as a rewarding experience to the customers in the process.

G Jayamuni Rao, Chairman & Managing Director
Jayamuni Rao has been hustling since the very young age of 16 when he started his business journey. The dedication and zeal to achieve success can be measured by the fact that Rao has had the same enthusiasm since the very first day of his career. He has pioneered the it infra rental space two decades ago, and today, he leads a multi-crore worth business in the Sogo group of companies.

Awards & Recognition
1994: Best Performer Award From LG
2001: Performance Excellence Award From Samsung
2002: VAR India Awards Sogo As Best Reseller
2003: Best Reseller Award By DQ Week
2003-04: Epson Recognized Sogo For Outstanding Performance
2004: Significance Performance Award From Intel
2005: Best Reseller Award By DQ Week
2004-05: Epson Awards Sogo For Consistency Performance
2005-06: Channel Partner Performance Excellence Award From Numeric Power Systems Awards
2006: Best Reseller Award By DQ Week
2011: Award From Toshiba Champion
2012: Sogo Selected As The Best Retail Partner
2012-13: Sogo Wins Excellence Awards By CP Plus
2013 -14: Sogo Wins Global Asset Recovery Services From IBM
2014: Best Partner In Inkjet Category
2015: Award From Gigabyte For Outstanding Contribution
2016: Appreciation Award By Gigabyte
2017: Canon Awards Sogo For Top Performance
2018: Lenovo Appoints Sogo As Regional Distributor For South Karnataka
2018: Established State Of The Art E-Waste Facility In Doddaballapur