For what SOGO is today, Mr Jayamuni Rao is the designer behind the making of this high-intensity and enthusiastic Organization. Mr Rao envisioned the organizations’ career from the day SOGO burgeoned in the IT market with various verticals, resulting in a massive organic growth of the company’s assets. Rao believes that his clients and his staff are his principal assets. His vigilant and avid nature has pollinated throughout the organization and he has ensured that his character is resonated. SOGO Group and has ensured its vision and mission are non-volatile for the future and younger generations to come.

SOGO Computers, since it's inception, have been focused on the distribution of technology products as well as offering affordable IT solutions for the masses across the state of Karnataka. The company started manufacturing computers under the Sogo PC brand in the late nineties and has been a system builder partner for reputed brands such as Intel, Microsoft, Seagate, Samsung, LG among others.

Today, SOGO Computers have diversified and proliferated its business in reaching the highest pinnacle in the industry. SOGO has dominantly accelerated in the IT Infra rental domain since the beginning and SOGO Computers have become one brand as SOGO Group. Under the SOGO Group Umbrella, SOGO Computers is a respected brand in the IT leasing and rental marketplace. We offer extremely simple rental plans that are cost-effective. However, we backup the rental solutions with on-site support, ensuring low downtimes for the products leased through us.

Our specialization in rentals and leasing includes Laptops, PC, Workstations, Apple products, Network & Switching products, Security firewalls, Servers, NAS, SAN, Smart Rack, Access Points, Office Automation devices such as Printers, Scanners, IP Phones, and many more. We have leading brands in our inventory of state-of-the-art computers and peripherals and can have the same delivered within the shortest timelines. Whether your requirements are very basic or highly technical, Sogo’s veteran and Ebullience staff are ready to assist you with your requirements. We can put together any configuration as defined.

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